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Web Site

Format: Internet
Features: was designed and created with the end user in mind.The end user being a busy "soccer mom" on the go. But she needs to make ends meet, while provideing everything...including safe highway travel for her family. She is now able to shopfor the most competetive service pricing in her market, all on one sight. Then, print a money saving coupon...and set an appointment
for service...all on-line.
Format: Internet
This is the service coupon page. A service center can feature between 5 and 10 money saving coupons.
Web Site

Format: Internet
This is the first page that the consumer is taken to when she clicks on the dealership logo. Here she can go directly to the brand of car that she drives and begin to SAVE.




E-Ads - Service Reminders
Format: Internet E-Mails
The internet is beginning to
replace hard paper mail as a viable way
to communicate with service customers.
MSMM is capable of sending service reminders and service specials over the
internet to service customers.
The Coupon Builder on
Format: Internet
Features: Service managers can go to this page and build their own coupons. There is both a "hard copy" as well as a "soft copy" of the same coupon. The hard copy can be printed and faxed, and the soft copy can be copied, pasted, revised and e-mailed.
Password Protected Approval Page on Format: Internet
Features: This is where clients are able to look at their work. Print the work, make revisions and fax back for revisions.

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